The “Best Team” Experience Story

An appreciative inquiry exercise into your ‘Best Team’ memories. Hopefully your story will help me in my team building responsibilities as well as help you to  uncover your best team experience, identify and amplify the characteristics of highly effective groups/teams : Reminisce about the ‘Best Team’ experience you have ever been a part of. What about you, the situation, the task, and the other team members made this experience your…

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Lions, and tigers, and bears, Oh My!

You want to really get a feel for what organizational culture is and how it impacts a school or church or any institution!? Check out Line’s humorous analogy/comparison of animal cultures and our human culture! To understand just what  the term “organizational culture” means the Harvard Business Review included an article entitled, “What is Organizational Culture? And Why Should We Care?” (Watkins, 2013, p. 1). Watkins (2013) suggests that there…

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Schools That Learn — A Great Find!

An Annotated Bibliography: Senge, P., Cambron-McCabe, N., Lucas, T., Smith, B., Dutton, J., & Kleiner, A. (2012). Schools that learn: A fifth discipline fieldbook for educators, parents, and everyone who cares about education (Rev. ed.) (pp. 61-68). New York, NY: Random House/Crown Business. Synopsis Peter Senge, a senior lecturer in Leadership and Sustainability at the MIT Sloan School of Management (Senge, 2015), is the principle author of “Schools that Learn”; an award winning book that augments his seminal work, “The Fifth Discipline” on learning organizations and management (Senge, 2006, 2015). Senge, along with five contributing authors, provides a resource for people who work with and within schools. The fieldbook offers tangible methods, tools, and practical real-life stories aimed at helping people develop learning capabilities within their own institutions. Senge organizes…

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Being a Teacher/Leader requires that you keep current with what is happening in the educational scene. Under the “Teacher/Servant Leader: The Doctoral Journey” section are many of my writings, documents, and exercises that I accumulated as I progressed through my doctoral courses. The main subject matter covers an array of Educational Leadership and Management (ELM) topics, such as Action Research, Appreciative Inquiry, Change Management, and Systems Thinking; to name a few. Although the course work has long been completed (Hallelujah!) and the EdD has been earned, I have not suspended my writing; so I will post every once in a while when I come across something that I deem “doctoral material”. However, do not think that you do have to earn a doctorate to dabble, appreciate, and glean knowledge; we should be learning everyday! I hope that you gain some insights into the topics…And, if you decide to pursue your Masters and/or your Doctorate, I’d love to help you along!

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  1. Hello, my name is Vanessa, and I am currently pursuing my EDD in Education, Leadership and Management. I have been in health care most of my life and changing careers. I have taught and mentored many during this time in healthcare. Unlike most educators who know exactly what it is they will do, I am still at a lost. I would like to pursue cultural diversity in higher education which is very broad.I am currently discouraged. Browsing the site and ran across your post. Anyhelp or suggestions will be helpful. Thanks Vanessa

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