Going Down the “Bunnie Trail” from Bonnie

When researching doctoral papers/assignments I find myself continually going down the “Rabbit Trail” …. From discussions in the course room, it appears that other students suffer the same malady. So, of course, I respond to one course learner who appears to suffers as much as I. However, I know that you’re … whoops, ‘we are’  not to use contractions as a doctoral student — Let me start again — I…

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Decision-making & Data-Gathering & PB&J

Decision making and data gathering seem to be inseparable cohorts like the legendary PB&J (Peanut butter and jelly sandwich). Although peanut butter and jelly do not have to be partnered, together they have endured as a favorite sandwich since its appearance in the Boston School of Cooking magazine in 1901 (Akis, 2014; Chandler, 1901). The golden crusted bread enveloping a room-temperature, gooey, sweet, and peanuty middle brings visions of sheer…

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Leadership Qualities in a Culture of Learning

There exist certain leadership characteristics that are necessary for developing and leading a mission- and vision-based learning culture in an educational organization. Leadership Qualities The leadership qualities necessary for developing a culture of learning that creates followers rather than subordinates and reflects the vision and mission of an institution are wide and varied. In the educational environment, it would behoove an administrative leader to strive to possess the following characteristics: advocacyappreciative approachable authentic collaborative communicative empowering encouragingengaging focused forward-thinker inclusive innovative motivating passionatepro-active respectful servant-minded supportive team-focused transparent The aforementioned leadership characteristics are only some of the qualities that can be seen as most important and integral to fostering an effective culture of learning. Since no one person can possibly acquire all the characteristics, a leader has two remedies. First,…

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Being a Teacher/Leader requires that you keep current with what is happening in the educational scene. Under the “Teacher/Servant Leader: The Doctoral Journey” section are many of my writings, documents, and exercises that I accumulated as I progressed through my doctoral courses. The main subject matter covers an array of Educational Leadership and Management (ELM) topics, such as Action Research, Appreciative Inquiry, Change Management, and Systems Thinking; to name a few. Although the course work has long been completed (Hallelujah!) and the EdD has been earned, I have not suspended my writing; so I will post every once in a while when I come across something that I deem “doctoral material”. However, do not think that you do have to earn a doctorate to dabble, appreciate, and glean knowledge; we should be learning everyday! I hope that you gain some insights into the topics…And, if you decide to pursue your Masters and/or your Doctorate, I’d love to help you along!

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  1. Hello, my name is Vanessa, and I am currently pursuing my EDD in Education, Leadership and Management. I have been in health care most of my life and changing careers. I have taught and mentored many during this time in healthcare. Unlike most educators who know exactly what it is they will do, I am still at a lost. I would like to pursue cultural diversity in higher education which is very broad.I am currently discouraged. Browsing the site and ran across your post. Anyhelp or suggestions will be helpful. Thanks Vanessa

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