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Bristow, my cat, keeps me company
as I read and prepare for discussions.

I’m glad you have visited us at PDH Education. Choose your favorite category from the menu bar above. Kick back, have a good read, respond with gusto, and visit often.

How we started: PDH Education started as PDH Tutoring. The PDH acronym originated from what we endearingly call our new home … The Pink Door House. As my tutoring business became more of a reality, I realized that I needed a ‘real’ name for my Reading Specialist tutoring business. My first public introduction to my services was to a group of Home Schooled parents, many who belong to my church, and all who know I live in “The Pink Door House” — The irony would not be lost on them. Thus the name was born! PDH Tutoring: Proficient, Diversified, and Highly Qualified Tutoring.

Then my university wanted its instructors to have their own blogs to help promote our courses and the university. So, I began attending the online seminars on “How to Blog”, “What to Write” and etc. As I decided on what domain name to adopt, the PDH concept wouldn’t vacant my mind. But, I couldn’t use PDH Tutoring, for my blog would encompass so much more. So, more researching and more searching of the web, and yet PDH kept coming up as a viable beginning point. So, here we are …. PDH Education … Now I have to figure out the ‘kicker’ or what you would call the ‘description’ of my blog…. But that will have to wait until next week. For now, I’ve begun and I am pleased with myself!