The Testing Zone


I must admit, growing up I watched some reruns of “The Twilight Zone”, this look-alike episode I could actually sit through without closing my eyes in fear and trepidation. As an educator, I can truly relate … The video made me giggle, laugh, experience a number of “Ah-Ah” moments and totally relate. Everyone whether a teacher, parent, or student will get a good chuckle.

Let’s discuss ...

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From Key Performance Indicators to Process Improvement


Before an administrator or business leader embarks into developing corporate-wide performance measurement systems, he or she needs to know how to meaningfully measure what matters most to the organization. Following an exhaustive research of how a company leader may improve his or her company and thus be more competitive, a plethora of resources pointed to creating and implementing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)...

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Action Research and Appreciative Inquiry

Action Research is an effective tool of organizational development (OD) that is utilized in countless research studies and is an accepted technique to facilitate organizational improvement within the OD environments (Yunker, 1994, para. 3). To fully understand the implications of OD, organizational improvement, and action research, a perusal of the definition fashioned by organization developer practitioners (ODers) can clarify...

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Action Research or Traditional Experimental Research?


This blog entry addresses the way action research studies differ from traditional research studies when dealing with the improvement of an organizational system and its processes. It will address said paradigms in an educational environment while incorporating some of the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) categories and principals as a tool for improving processes.

Traditional Research

Traditional research, also known as experimental or qua...

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To “Not” or to “And” or to “Or” — The Boolean Search

CatSketch_DomainClipArtImage_wpclipartCOMThis week I attempted to flesh out the beginning of a doctoral dissertation topic – Executive Functions and Study Skills in At-Risk Students. My experience during the query proved that I am still rather ill prepared to be making a final call on what I may desire to do for a dissertation.

The greatest challenge in constructing and using the search query was reducing the number of results. I began searching in my customary manner...

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Action Research, The Teacher’s Portfolio, and The NBPTS — What a Combo!


The path of portfolio management has been well covered for this traveler. I began my trek as an artist wielding a massive 24” x 31” portfolio case. The main purpose of the artist portfolio was to land a graphic artist job. Then the change in career from artist to teacher came about. I began assembling an educator’s portfolio; it too was for a single purpose – to land a teaching job...

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I’d Rather Step Forward to What I Don’t Know Than Fall Back on What I Do Know

The authors of “The Craft of Research” purport that a common mistake inexperienced researchers make is “Falling Back on What You Know” (Booth, Colomb, & Williams, p. 119). This is a 300+ word plus explanation of my views on this statement and how all of us can begin to practice critical and reflective thinking. Please think critically when reading my post :-)

Step 1: Identify the elements: A common mistake researchers make is falling back on what is already known (...

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Reflective Practice in Action

Reflective practice is when the end justifies the means because the process includes identifying the end and the means. It involves critical analysis and evaluation of decision making while drawing on existing knowledge, observation, theory, and research...

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A Play of Missions, Marketing, and all Things Female

By PDH Education


ELAINE WISWALL BETTS:  The eighth head of Dana Hall School from 1984-1995. An experienced and wise school head mistress in her mid-50s; values a “rigorous academic curriculum and single-sex education for girls.” (Betts, n.d., para. 1).

WILLIAM McMURTIE:   A recently appointed trustee to the newly formed 14-member Mission Committee of Dana Hall; asked to chair the committee so that he would have an introduction to the stake...

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Should the All Girl School Go Co-Ed?

Ok, the first ‘real’ educational leadership and management’ assignment. Divulging no names, the gist of the assignment:

  • An all girls school has seen a marked decline in enrollment; the usual interventions have been put into place to save the school. But alas, they are now left with one item on the agenda: Should the school embrace coeduation?

There are no simple solutions. It is a complex system and a cursory review and solution is not an option...

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